Announcing: The BRS Super Battery - Our High Performance PowerSport Battery

BRS Super Battery

The World's First PowerSport Battery With A 10 Year Warranty!

The BRS Super Battery can handle anything you can throw at it:

Rough terrain, hill jumps, muddy swamps, rough waters, and long rides are no problem. 

Your toys will start and run strong without a problem. 

The BRS Super Battery is built to last and that's why we stand behind our batteries 100% for a FULL 10 Years With No Proration!




  • 100% Charged and Ready To Go When They Arrive To You!

  • Non-Spillable Sealed Design

  • AGM Technology Allows Repeated Charges and Discharges Without Diminished Performance

  • Long-Lasting Performance Even In Demanding Applications

  • Vibration Resistant

  • High Performance Maintenance-Free OEM Battery For All Power Sports Vehicles such as Motorcycles, ATV's, Side by Sides, UTV's, Jet Skis, Snowmobiles, Dirt Bikes, and more. 

  • Permanently sealed special absorbed-glass mat battery eliminates water loss. No need to add any liquid to the battery

  • Holds charge three times longer than conventional batteries

  • High performance active material with anti-sulfation additive

  • High capacity and cranking performance

  • Maintenance Free – No additional water needed

  • Sealed Valve Regulated

  • Spill and Leak Proof

  • Deep discharge protection

  • Plate grids from lead-calcium alloy, free of antimony

  • Long Shelf – Charged and ready for use

  • Excellent starting and cycling

  • Installs in any position except upside down


Again… You Are Covered By Our Free Replacement 10 Year Warranty

Our Worry Free, No Hassle 10 Year Warranty Protects You 100% In Event You Need Your Battery Replaced For ANY Reason. 

To Validate Your Warranty… Simply Complete Our Return Form, Place Your Battery In The Original Box, Print Out The Shipping Label, and Drop It Off At The Post Office. 

We Pay All Costs Associated With Returning and Shipping Out Your New Battery.  


You Pay No Additional Costs!


What Makes Our Batteries Different? 

We invented a specialized expert 5 step process to prepare each and every battery before it’s shipped to you. 

Here’s what we do to ensure the quality, performance, and lifespan of each AGM battery:


Step 1: Fill battery to the correct levels with 1.265 SG Electrolyte

Step 2: Let sit for 1 hr. so the Glass Mat plates are able to absorb the electrolytes properly.

Step 3: Charge battery at 1-2 amps until fully charged.

Step 4: Let sit for 12 hrs. and record voltage . Should maintain 12.6-12.8V.

Step 5: If it passes the voltage test, it’s ready to ship out to you.


Yes...This process takes more time and effort but that’s what makes our batteries different. It’s the reason our battery quality is superior!

Nobody in the industry does this and quite frankly, they might not know how to do it the right way. 

BRS Battery Ltd is a "true" expert battery shop. We have been performing specialized battery rejuvenation for over a decade...we know batteries!

95% of the suppliers or vendors out there that sell AGM batteries are not battery experts and that is why their batteries don't last!

The reason their batteries don’t last is because they are not filled properly and they are "fast" charged which basically damages the battery right from the start.


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