• Reduce Back Strains

  • Reduce Spills & Waste

  • BRS Super Gas Pump Blue Fuel Transfer Siphon Pump for Gas, Diesel, Kerosene, 3 Power Sources w/ 4.25 Ft Hose - BRS Super Pumps

    Fuel Up Fast & Easy

"What People Are Saying"

"No more sore backs from lifting 20 litre jerry cans. Great around the yard or camp." - J. Petersen - B.C.

"Excellent pump to eliminate a lot of spillage. Simple to install and use." - Ron H. - Saskatchewan

"We purchased three, one for the house, one for the cottage and one for our winter camp and my other bother-in-law wanted two, so this is a total of five.  Thank you for the great product.  It sure beats lifting those 5 gallon gas cans." - B. Phillip - New Brunswick

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer A Warranty?

Yes, you are 100% Covered By Our 1 Year Warranty and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee On ALL Items.

How Do I Claim My Warranty?

Simply send an email to our store manager Matt - matt.mitchell@brsbattery.com and he will provide you with all the details.

Does This Pump Work In Canada's Cold Winters?

Yes. We recommend you do not leave your pump outside, please store it in the garage, shop, or someplace where it is protected from the elements.

How Long Will The Batteries Last?

The batteries can last a full season depending on usage. We recommend using good quality batteries like Energizer or Duracell with your pump because the cheap batteries do not last as long from our experience.