What Is A Terapump?


A Terapump is the name of a brand of various types of fuel and liquid transfer pumps.  

There are many different types of Terapumps available. Some are battery powered and some require manual power. 

Most Terapumps can be classified as a siphon pump that transfers liquids from one container to another. 

What exactly is a siphon? 

According to wikipedia a siphon is a wide variety of devices that involve the flow of liquids through a tube. 

If you’ve ever seen a movie where someone siphons gas… you usually see them take a hose or tube and drop one end of it in a fuel tank. 

They then take the other end of the hose and start sucking on it to get the gas flowing through the tube. Once the gas starts flowing they put hose inside of a gas can and let gravity do the rest of the work.

How Is A Terapump Different? 

The Terapump TRFA01 was first introduced to the market as The World’s First Battery Operated Fuel Transfer Pump… 

This is important because the TRFA01 completely revolutionized the way fuel and liquids are transferred. 

You no longer have to squeeze a manual pump, lift heavy gas cans, or spill gas all over the place. 

With the press of button gas is transferred to your car, truck, boat, yard or power equipment in just a few minutes. 

As I mentioned earlier... there’s a wide variety of Terapumps available. 

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