The Best Christmas Gift Ever

Introducing: The 3rd Generation TeraPump TRFA01 

Still looking for a Christmas gift for someone?
You might even be looking for a gift for yourself...
Are you still not sure what to get?
Before you decide…. Ask yourself a question:
Have you or the person you’re getting the gift for ever needed to re-fuel?:
Lawn Mowers
Snow Throwers
or any other equipment powered by gas or diesel?
If so... Think for a second how heavy a full 5 gallon gas cans is.
Lifting heavy gas cans can make back pain worsts.
If you’re like me you might have even spilled gas all over yourself…
The TeraPump TRFA01 solves this problem.
It’s a battery powered fuel transfer pump that makes refueling all your engines fast and easy.
It has an auto-stop and overflow sensor…
Re-fuel with the press of a button.
Once the gas tank is full the TRFA01 will automatically shut off.
The TRFA01 features:
Automatic Stop with Overflow Sensor - The built-in advanced auto-stop sensor automatically stops when the transfer process is complete so you just sit back and watch it work
Pumps 3 Gallons Per Minute - Save time when refueling.
CSA Approved for US & Canada - Your safety is our top priority that’s why this product has gone through rigorous testing and is CSA Approved for the US and Canada.
Work Smarter… Not Harder.
Check Out The 3rd Generation TRFA01 below:

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