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Tera Pump TREP03-TXL Electric Liquid Transfer Pump - 10ft Hose

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  • Flow Rate of 2.9 Gallons per Minute

  • Includes a filter to prevent debris from entering when transferring

  • Fits various containers such a gas cans to 5 gal buckets

  • Discharge Hose Length of 10 ft + 12.4 inch Nozzle

Multi-Power Sources: DC Cable Inverter and AC/DC Adapter

Compatible Liquids

Gasoline, diesel, DEF (AdBlue), non-potable water, kerosene, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, mild detergents, agricultural chemicals & light oils


Useful in the garage, shop, yard, farm, dock, snow or campsite

Discharge Hose Holder: Built-in nozzle holder for safe and convenient way of storing the discharge nozzle

Big Slide Switch: Big On/Off Switch

U-Shaped battery compartment: U-shaped hook for easier storage

Flexible Discharge Hose & Intake Hose

Adjustable Intake to fit various Gas Cans or Containers

High Speed & Heavy Duty Battery Powered Fuel Transfer Pump                 


Flow Rate

Flow Rate of up to 2.9 Gallons per Minute or 11 Liters per Minute     



Electric 12V DC Adapter or DC Cable Clips                                                               

Flow Control Nozzle           

Control the rate of liquid at any moment by squeezing the Nozzle lever

Lower Level Position for Refueling

Upper lever position for watering                                                                       

XL Tube Length: 120 inch or 10ft long discharge hose length allows you to reach longer or higher

Great for refueling Boats right from the dock     


Suction Tube       

Standard Length: 15 inch to ~ 20 inch

Fits on 5 Gallon to 20 Gallon Drum Barrels

Suction end Outer Diameter: 1.2 inch                                                             

Swivel Connection

Nozzle connection is able to perform a 360 degree rotation to prevent hose from tangling                                                                                                     

Filter Attachment

Filter-equipped intake end protects the pumping system from damage due to foreign debris

Filters are made from stainless steel mesh                            


Compatible Liquids 

Gasoline, diesel, DEF (ex AdBlue), non-potable water, kerosene, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, mild detergents, agricultural chemicals & light oils             


Acetone, benzene, cresol, ethyl, phenol, methyl ethyl, concentrated caustic soda-liquid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, thinners or solvents 



Included Parts:

AC/DC Plugin 

DC Cable Clips 

Shower Head 

Suction Filter 



Power: Electric Plug-in or DC Cables

Suction Tube: 15 to 20 inch ( Adjustable)

Discharge Tube: 10 ft + 12.4 inch Nozzle

Delivery Volume: 2.9 Gallons per Minute

Flow Control Nozzle - Control the flow or lock the flow for prolonged sessions


Diesel, DEF(AdBlue), non-potable water, kerosene, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, mild detergents, agricultural chemicals & light oils

Package Dimensions

4.80 x 28.20 x 6.90 inch

Package Weight

3.40 lbs


Warranty: Backed by a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty