TeraPump - Dolphin Pump- Manual Drinking Water Pump

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 "Great for when we are in our RV. We keep a 5gallon water jug in the back of our truck and fill a 1 Gal. jug to keep in the RV. This pump is fast and dependable." - John Park


Introducing The Tera Pump Dolphin Pump Manual Drinking Water Pump 


You No Longer Have To Worry About Germs & Insects Getting Into Your Water...


Designed For Use With Bottled Water, Low Viscosity Drinks, Sports Drinks & Alcoholic Drinks


The sanitizer cap keeps unwanted germs and pests out of your pump.


✔️  ​BPA Free you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals seeping into your your water.


✔️  Versatile Bottle Fastener fits both crown and screw top bottles. 


✔️  Bendable Joint  allows adjustable depth for the perfect fit and complete drainage. 

Parts include: 

✅  3x Upper Supply Tubes

✅  1x Bendable Joint 

✅  1x Lower Supply Tube 

✅  1x Cleaning Brush

✅  1x Discharge Spout 

✅  1x Scratch Resistant Pump Head

✅  1x Inner Bottle Fastener 

✅  1x Instruction Manual 



1. Clean outside of the pump with a soft cloth using a mixture of mild detergent

2. Find the correct length for the upper supply tube to the upper supply tube with the joint and insert them into the body hole tightly

3. Insert pump into the bottle. The pump is made for 2 to 6 gallon water bottles. Push the pump onto the neck of the bottle and turn clockwise to fixate it.

4. Snap the head to start the water flow

5. Press the discharge spout into the pump nozzle

6. When not in use, cover the end of discharge spout with the lock-tab lid which hangs from the discharge spout

7. Clean the inside of the intake tube & discharge spout with the included brush

*Water Bottle Not Included*