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Tera Pump

2x Tera Pump 4th Generation TRFA01 Fuel & Liquid Siphon Transfer Pump

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"Easy on the back and easy to use..." - J. Klowski

"What a great device. It works as advertised. No hand pumping, no sloshing of gas on me, just a wonderful flow of gas from the can to the mower! -D. Manning

  • 4th Generation IMPROVEMENT | 2021 Update, Pump Head Air Breakage Removed to Prevent Any Fuel Spills!
  • Longer Dischage Hose ( 25 to 35 inch ) Fuel from greater distances, Up to 20% More Powerful Motor / Reinforced more Fuel Resistant Plastics

Make refueling your equipment and toys quick and easy... 

No More Lifting Heavy Gas Cans, Wasting Time or Spilling Fuel On Yourself...

Features of The 4th Generation TRFA01:

  • Automatic Stop with Overflow Sensor -

  • Pumps 2.4 Gallons Per Minute - 

  • CSA Approved for US & Canada  - 


✅  Cars

✅  Trucks

✅  Motorcycles / Dirt Bikes

✅  Boats

✅  Jet Skis

✅  Lawn Mowers 

✅  Tractors / Heavy Equipment

✅  Chainsaws 

✅  Snow Blowers / Snow Throwers 

✅  Snow Mobiles 

✅  ATV's / UTV's

✅  Jet Ski's

✅  Fuel Powered Generators


✅  Diesel 

✅  Gasoline

✅  Water (NOT for Drinking Water)

✅  Light Oils 

✅  Kerosine


Drinkable Liquids, Thinners, Solvents, 

Hot Liquids, Aceton, Benzen, Creosol, Ethyl, Phenol, Methylethyl, Concentrated Caustic Soda Liquid, Nitric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Sulfuric Acid, etc.

  • No-Spill Auto-Stop Nozzle – no gas all over you or the ground

  • Fits Most North American Fuel Plastic Cans with 3 different adapters sizes (included)

  • 35″ Discharge Hose

  • It’s Fast! Powerful Motor – 2.4 Gallons per min

  • 14 x 6 x 3.5 Weight: 1.2LB / Transfer to several outlets like gas can / vehicle/ lawn mower

  • Great for driving long distances with extra gas cans

  • Batteries last approx. 50 x 25L fills or a full season

  • Flexible Intake Hose, adapts to odd angles

  • Gas can not included

  • No Mess No Worries No Hassle – Sit Back and Relax!

  • 4th Generation, New & Improved

4th Generation Tera Pump TRFA01 Improvements and Updates

✅  Longer hose 

✅  Up to 20% More Powerful Motor  

✅  Fuel Resistant Plastic

✅  Size: 14 x 6 x 3.5 

✅  Weight: 1.2LB 

✅  Transfer to several outlets like gas can, vehicle, etc.  

✅  Wet-Resistant Cover for Accidental Spills and to protect the electronic components of your Tera Pump

✅  Pumps 2.4 Gallons per minute   

✅  Powered by 4 AA batteries (NOT included) 

✅  Flexible Intake hose 

✅  No-spill Auto-Stop Nozzle

✅  Fits Most North American Fuel Plastic Cans with 3 different size adapters (included)  to ensure a secure fit on your gas can

✅  CSA Certified under UL Standards - Your safety is our top priority that’s why this product has gone through rigorous testing and is CSA Approved for US and Canadian Government safety standards.  This product was tested by CSA per an agreement with UL, and is certified for use in both Canada and the US according to applicable Canadian and US standards

Eliminate Spills and Overflow When Transferring Fuel, Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, Water, and Other Light Oils!

Have you ever had to lift a heavy gas can? 

Then you can relate to how heavy gas cans are when they’re full… 

You know the strain and pain it can cause to your back, and you know how messy it is when gas spills all over you, your unit, and the ground. 

It’s time to save yourself from pain and frustration when you need to transfer gas, fuel, water, liquids, and light oils from your gas can to your unit.  


✅  Automatic Stop with Overflow Sensor - The built-in advanced auto-stop feature automatically stops when the transfer process is complete so you just sit back and watch it work. 

✅  Pumps 2.4 Gallons Per Minute - You are going to save a ton of time ⏱️ because the Tera Pump TRFA01 pumps 3 gallons of fuel per minute so filling up is quick and easy. 

✅  35 Inch Outtake Hose 

✅  18 Inch Intake Hose

✅  Protect Yourself from Pain, Strain, and Messy Clean Ups - The TeraPump TRFA01 protects you from back pain, headaches, and cleaning up a huge mess because you no longer have to lift heavy gas / jerry cans to transfer fuel. 

✅  Works perfectly on gas cans up to 6 Gallons - The TeraPump TRFA01 fuel transfer pump was designed for gas cans that can hold up to 6 gallons of fuel. 

✅  Lightweight - The Tera Pump TRFA01 weighs just 1.2 pounds. Anyone can carry it with ease.

The TeraPump TRFA01 is a tool that's ready to go when you need it... 

It doesn’t matter who you are…

When you have an emergency situation and you need to transfer fuel, gas, water, or other liquids… You are going to wish you had this tool within arm’s reach.  

The Tera Pump TRFA01 fuel transfer pump is the perfect gift for yourself or anyone who likes to get their hands dirty.  

Imagine how hassle free your life is going to be…  when you don't have to worry spilling fuel all over the place. 

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✔️  Designed to eliminate the lifting of large and heavy gas cans

✔️  Includes auto-stop and overflow protection

✔️  Helps you transfer fuel ⛽ to vehicles, boats 🛥️, lawn mowers, snowmobiles, snow blowers, chainsaws, RV's, ATV's and more

✔️  Hose is made from high quality plastic that can survive rough Canadian winters. 

✔️  Intrinsically Safe Device 

✔️  Keeps excess water or ice out of the bottom of your gas can when securely attached. 

✔️  Batteries can last a full season depending on usage. 

✔️  Instruction manual provides details to maximize the life of your TRFA01