Tera Pump TReDRUM-T Heavy Duty Electric Diesel, Chemical, & DEF Drum Pump


Tera Pump TReDRUM-T Heavy Duty Electric Diesel, Chemical, & DEF Drum Pump

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"Easy to use... makes transferring DEF to my RV a breeze." - W. Leblanc 


Introducing: The Heavy Duty Electric TReDrum DEF, Chemical, & Liquid Transfer Pump... 

Make Transferring Liquids from Drum Barrels, Carboys, and IBC’s quick and easy... 

Transfer DEF (AdBlue), Heavy Oils, Kerosine, Water, Agriculture Chemicals In A Hurry! 

Features of The Heavy Duty Electric TReDrum Pump:

  • Flow Control Gas Pump Style Nozzle - Makes transferring liquids easy. 
  • Pumps 7 Gallons Per Minute - Transfer liquids lightning fast.

  • Telescopic Design - Allows you to adjust length of the suction pump.  


✅  Drum Barrels

✅  IBC’s

✅  Carboys

✅  Tractors / Heavy Equipment

✅   Cars

✅  Trucks

✅  Boats

✅   RV's

✅   Fuel Powered Generators, etc. 


✅  Diesel 

✅  DEF (AdBlue)

✅  Non-Potable Water (NOT for Drinking Water)

✅  Agricultural Chemicals

✅  Kerosene

✅  Antifreeze

✅  Windshield Washer Fluid

✅   Light Oils

✅   Mild Detergents

✅   Engine Oil

✅   Hydraulic Fluid

✅   Soaps


Caution: Not for use with Drinking Water, Flammable liquids or Concentrated Acids

Package Includes:  

-TReDrumT Heavy Duty Electric Pump  

- 2” Drum Bung Adapter 

- Intake Filter To Protect The Motor From Damage.

- 110 Volt AC/DC Power Adaptor

- 79” Hose with Flow Control Handle With Gas Pump Style Nozzle

    • Flow Control Nozzle – Transfer liquids with ease by squeezing the handle.

    • Fits Most 55 Gallon Drum Barrels, Carboys, and IBC’s.

    • 79″ Rubber Discharge Hose 

  • 10.4” Nozzle Length
  • 2” Suction Tube
  • Telescopic Tube Adjust From 33.5 to 49 inches
    • It’s Fast! Powerful Motor – Pumps 7 Gallons Per Minute (5 Gallons Per Minute With Wireless Battery Pack)

    • 47.4 x 10.8 x 5.8 and Weighs 10 LBS 

    • Includes 110 Volt AC/ DC Power Adaptor and 2” Bung Adaptor

    • Optional Wireless Battery Pack Sold Separately 

    • Durable Rubber Discharge Hose, adapts to odd angles

    • No Mess, No Worries, No Hassle!

    2nd Generation Tera Pump TReDrum-T Improvements and Updates:

    ✅  Longer hose 

    ✅  Pumps 7 Gallons Per Minute 

    ✅  Great For Diesel, DEF (AdBlue), and Heavy Oils!

    ✅  Telescopic Suction Tube To Fit Different Size Drum Barrels

    ✅  Pumps 7 Gallons Per Minute   

    ✅  Includes 110 Volt Power Adaptor 

    ✅  Flexible Discharge Hose 

    ✅  Flow Control Nozzle

    ✅  Fits Most 55 Gallon Drum Barrels, IBC’s, and Carboys

    Save Time, Eliminate Spills, and Overflow When Transferring DEF (AdBlue), Heavy Oils, Kerosine, Water, Agriculture Chemicals, and more!

    Have you ever had to transfer liquids from a drum barrel with a hand crank or manual pump? 

    Then you can relate to how tiring and time consuming it can be… 

    You know the frustration it can cause when you need to transfer liquids in a hurry. 

    It’s time to save yourself from pain and frustration when you need to transfer DEF (AdBlue), Heavy Oils, Kerosine, Water, Agriculture Chemicals, and other Liquids from drum barrels. 


    ✔️  Flow Control Handle and Nozzle - The flow control handle makes the transfer process quick and easy.  This is going to make your life a lot easier because you don't have to worry about overflows and spilling liquids all over the place. 

    ✔️  Pumps 7 Gallons Per Minute - You are going to save a ton of time ⏱️ because the Tera Pump TReDrum pumps 7 gallons of fuel per minute so transferring liquids is a quick job. 

    ✔️  79 Inch Rubber Hose - The long hose allows you to reach your receiving container with ease so transferring liquids is fast, easy, and hassle free. 

    ✔️ Adjustable Telescopic Suction Tube  - The powerful suction tube can be adjusted from 33.5 to 49 inches to reach the bottom of large drum barrels. 

    ✔️ Pumps DEF (AdBlue) and Heavy Oils - Strong and durable enough to pump oils and other liquids most pumps can’t handle. 

    ✔️ Powered by The Included 110 Volt Power Adaptor - To operate the Tera Pump TReDrum all you need is to do is plug in the power adaptor or you can purchase the wireless battery pack sold separately.  

    ✔️ Protect Yourself from Pain, Frustration, and Messy Clean Ups - The TeraPump TReDrum protects you from frustration and messy clean ups because you have complete control of the speed and time it takes to transfer liquids from drum barrels. 

    The TeraPump Heavy Duty TReDrum Pump is a tool that's ready to go when you need it... 

    It doesn’t matter who you are… When you have an emergency situation and you need to transfer liquids fast… You are going to wish you had this tool within arm’s reach.  

    This heavy duty transfer pump is the perfect gift for you or anyone who likes to get their hands dirty.  

    Imagine how hassle free your life is going to be… 

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    - Designed to transfer liquids from drum barrels quickly

    - Pumps 7 gallons per minute

    - Helps you transfer fuel ⛽ to drum barrels, carboys, IBC’s, cars, trucks, tractors, heavy equipment, RV's, and more

    - Hose is made from durable rubber. 

    - Instruction manual provides details to maximize the life of your TReDRUM 


    Want To A Wireless Battery Pack?  Click or Tap Here.





    You Are 100% Protected by our 1 Year Warranty. If you have any issues, questions, or concerns simply contact us and we will take care of it for you.

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    The best invention ever. My super pump has worked amazing and it is gonna be a back saver this summer for the boat. I have a 14 gallon fuel tank that will now just be left on the ground and my super pump will do all the work. This winter my other two made snowmobiling so much more fun, no spillage on the sleds and again no stress on the back. They were inside the garage but I never changed then batteries all winter fueling the sleds. You want to make your outside work so much easier then grab one of these BRS Pumps AMAZING

    Steve Yurkiw

    I have purchased two pumps from BRS over the past year. They work extremely well and save a lot of lifting of fuel cans when filling my tractor and zero turn mower. I highly recommend their pumps.They also provide excellent service and respond quickly to enquiries.

    Howard Poulter

    I ordered my first one and used it for 6 weeks for my diesel fuel. Works so well I bought a second one for my 20 liter gas can. I repair small engines and these pumps are a must have !. Awsome product. First class design and built very very well. If your looking for a pump just get these pumps you will not be disappointed. Thank you

    Dale B

    This pump is 100% worth every penny. My 5 gallon gas can was heavy enough lift, let alone the nozzle leaked everywhere. I just used this 5 minutes ago. All I had to do was lift the can to level to the mower gas intake. Hit the button and it filled fast!!!!!. You'll have a few drops from the ends but easily solved with a paper towel. I would highly suggested to women who don't feel like holding up a gas can to fill. If you can lift your gas can after filling, just lift it up, sit it down to somewhat level with the mower, do your hoses and hit the button. This is awesome. Would highly recommend to everyone. I am one HAPPY customer.

    Janet Smith

    The pumps are great and have been using mine every two to three days since last year. Works in -20 as well as +15. Great item.

    Jim Wright